Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gone to live on the Farm

I have hate in my heart for the neighbor's dog. Every morning for the past week this monster starts barking around 5 am. I do not wake up until 7. ok 7:30.
That is at least 2 hours later than the dog. The neighbor's either sleep like rocks or the house is well insulated. From the looks of their recycling bin, I'm betting on the gin induced coma that keeps them from waking up.
The closeness of my 'hood is one of a kind, and what makes it truly special. But times like these at 5 am, makes me just want to go live somewhere with no neighbors at all.

Just something simple. But some ferns and colored something would be nice.

Easy peesy kitchen. heart the big sink.

lovely huge open rooms.

who doesn't love a hutch filled with blue and white goodness.

pics courtesy of Country Living Mag (is it obvious?)

ps. we have already priced out a privacy fence. Because they truly make the best neighbors.

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