Friday, March 19, 2010

Score one for me.

Rock on I just scored a sweet toiletry bag for my upcoming trip to Cabo. $6 on Garnet Hill. Go get you one! It rolls up and hangs and has all these fun places for your goodies. And since we have a billion connecting flights on our way there I will be carrying on as much as they will let me. I'm terrified my maxi dresses and bathing suits and and all other lovelies will end up in Montana or some other place not labeled CABO.

See cute huh? I got the Tangerine Flower, which is the wild red thing up there. So pumped. I am majorly lacking in the toiletry travel department, so this is a sweet find.

Sorry for the boring post - but at least go to Garnet Hill's website - they have some seriously cute stuff. {Like you didn't already know}

In other worlds, I am so excited for this weekend and plan to lay in the grass and spread some mulch and hopefully not think about anything related to this sad excuse of a human being.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

$6??? they are $14 now...damnit! think im going to get one anyway! to cute!