Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I declare.

Reason number 435 of how I'm turning into my mother. Growing up my mom was a huge fan of JCPenny. Good Old Jaque Penné . I loathed the store located in between the old mall and the new mall and dreaded when she wanted to stop and find the latest and greatest deal. All I wanted was my name brands - take me the GAP, Express, or at least Belk for crying out loud (Now I know. We had some slim pickings).
Reading the paper Sunday (i.e. clipping my coupons, hello mom?) I noticed their weekly ad and was impressed when I came across these lovely less expensive options:
Very similar to some I have seen for a more costly purchase. These beauts are a mear $15.99. Yes that is right ladies, line right up.

So I decided today to go and check online to see what else there was out there. And low and behold. I hit the motherload.



Seriously - this is hot people.


Just call me the frugal fashionista. I'm sold.

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